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Being in a truck accident is an overwhelming experience. Whether you were the driver or just a passerby, the physical, emotional and financial toll can be immense. However, if someone else was at fault for the collision, you do not have to recover alone.

Acadia Law Group is knowledgeable and experienced injury law firm when it comes to building the strongest possible truck accident claim. Our attorneys are prepared to help you get back on your feet while recovering from any injuries or losses suffered. Reach out to our office today to get answers to your legal questions.

How can Acadia Law Group help me with my Semi-truck accident claim?

Acadia Law Group can provide you with the expertise and experience necessary to build a strong case. Our team of attorneys will take the time to gain an understanding of your specific situation, answer any questions you have, and ensure that you are fully informed of your rights. We can help you seek rightful compensation for physical injuries, pain and suffering , lost wages, and any other financial losses incurred as a result of the accident. Contact Acadia, an experienced truck accident lawyer for a free consultation!

Here are some of the ways Acadia can help with your truck accident claim:

  • Compile All of Your Medical Records
  • Build the Best Truck Accident Claim

  • Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters

  • Obtain Maximum Compensation for Your Case

Understanding Your Rights In A Trucking Accident

It is important to understand the state regulations governing semi drivers and their safety requirements. If these regulations were violated by the truck driver or trucking company and it resulted in an accident, they may be liable for damages. A qualified Utah truck accident lawyer can review all available evidence to determine who was at fault in your collision.

You also have the right to file a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the negligent party involved in your crash. The process usually involves extensive negotiations with insurance adjusters over what constitutes rightful damages, as well as proving negligence on behalf of another party. In some cases, it is necessary to take legal action in order to secure what is rightfully due to you as an injured victim of a truck crash. A capable Utah truck accident attorney can guide you through this process with a free consultation, and make sure your rights are protected.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Utah

Truck accidents can occur for a wide range of reasons and can cause catastrophic injuries or death. In Utah, some of the most common causes are:

Driver fatigue due to hours of service violations

Mechanical failure or inadequate maintenance

Negligent loading or freighting practices

Overloaded commercial trucks

Distracted driving

Reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, aggressive maneuvers and tailgating

It is important to understand the laws surrounding truck drivers and their safety requirements in order to determine which party is at fault following an accident. An experienced Utah truck accident lawyer can review all available evidence and investigate the crash to determine who is liable for any damages.

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Utah Truck Accident Statistics

Truck accidents can be particularly serious due to the size and weight of a typical commercial vehicle or truck. In Utah, the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) reports that there were 5,236 crashes involving large trucks in 2019. Of these collisions:

*1,224 resulted in injury *153 resulted in fatalities *2,802 involved property damage only

The DPS also reported that 31% of fatal crashes involved a tractor trailer or semi-truck. Furthermore, 3% of all crashes caused by impaired drivers involved either a tow truck or a delivery vehicle.

What to Do If You Are Involved in a trucking Accident in Utah

If you are involved in a truck accident in Utah, it is important to take action immediately to protect your safety and legal rights.

First, seek medical attention right away, even if you don’t feel any immediate pain or discomfort. Some serious injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Second, contact law enforcement and report the accident. Be sure to collect as much evidence at the scene of the crash as possible, such as photos of any damage and contact and insurance information from all drivers involved.

Thirdly, notify your insurance company about the incident as soon as possible. Then it is highly recommended that you reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in trucking accidents. Legal representation can help guide you through the legal process and ensure that you receive fair compensation for any damages incurred.

Finally, don’t forget to save any documents related to the accident for future reference – such as medical bills, repair estimates or other expenses associated with the incident. And remember: never speak with an insurance adjuster or representative of the trucking company without first consulting an attorney.

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Why You Need A Trucking Accident Professional

When it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a trucking accident, you need the help of an experienced professional. A qualified trucking accident lawyer or attorney can help you navigate the legal complexities and ensure that your rights are protected.

These professionals understand state trucking laws and will work with insurance companies to represent your interests. They’ll review all evidence and investigate the crash in order to determine who is liable and make sure that you receive fair compensation for any injuries or damages incurred in the crash.

Reputable Utah trucking accident attorneys will also provide guidance on filing paperwork and other required forms, as well as answer any questions you have about the process. Their expertise and knowledge ensures that your case is handled properly, so you get what is rightfully due to you as an injured victim of a trucking accident.

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Establishing Liability in a Utah Truck Wreck Case

In order to receive compensation for any damages or injuries incurred in a trucking accident, it is necessary to establish liability. In most cases, liability will be determined based on the concept of negligence, which means someone failed to act with reasonable care under the circumstances and caused harm as a result.

In addition to examining whether the truck drivers or trucking company was negligent, other factors that can be used to determine liability in a Utah truck accident case including: inspecting the truck’s maintenance records and hours of service logs; determining if the driver was operating within state regulations; reviewing whether all cargo was properly loaded and secured; examining any video evidence from cameras mounted on the truck; and investigating if any traffic violations were committed.

In some cases, multiple parties may share responsibility for an accident. A skilled trucking accident attorney or lawyer can help you investigate these factors and establish liability for your claim with the insurance or trucking company.

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Recoverable Damages from a Utah Semi Truck Accident

In the event of a semi-truck accident in the state of Utah, victims may be eligible to recover damages. Depending on the severity of the crash and the nature of the injuries, damages can include:

Medical expenses including hospital bills, rehabilitation services, and emergency care

Lost wages due to missing work while recovering from an injury or illness caused by the accident

Pain and suffering as a result of physical and emotional trauma caused by being involved in an accident

Property damage for any vehicle involved in the crash

In some cases, punitive damages are awarded in order to punish wrongful behavior. It’s important to consult an experienced semi-truck accident attorney when filing a claim as they can help you maximize your potential recovery amount.

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It is important to take the following steps after being involved in a semitruck accident:

1-) Pull over and check for any injuries. Do not move any vehicles without first talking to the police.

2-) Immediately call 911 to report the accident and request medical help if needed.

3-) Exchange information with the other driver, including license plate numbers, insurance details, and contact information of any witnesses.

4-) Take photos of the scene of the crash, including damage to property or vehicle components.

5-) Contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible so they can help you determine your legal rights and advise you on how to proceed with your case.

Common injuries from a semi-truck accident include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries such as whiplash.

Semitrucks can take up to 40% longer to come to a stop, so it is important for drivers to give them more space. Additionally, drivers should remember that semitrucks have larger blind spots than other vehicles and avoid lingering in those areas for too long.

Yes. Windy or narrow roads can be especially dangerous when driving around semitrucks due to their large size and the higher risk something could go wrong. Roads with sharp curves and those with no shoulder also pose an increased risk of danger as there is less room for error when turning or merging onto another lane.

The most common cause of semi truck accidents is driver fatigue due to long hours behind the wheel and lack of rest. Other common causes include careless driving, impaired driving, improper loads, poor vehicle maintenance, and aggressive driving practices. In some cases, a defective part or roadway hazard may also lead to an accident.

Semi truck accidents are often more complicated than regular car accidents due to the size of the vehicles and the potential for multiple parties to be liable. Under federal law, semitruck drivers are required to carry larger amounts of insurance than passenger vehicles, meaning there may be more money available for potential settlements. Additionally, commercial drivers may face stricter penalties for violations such as distracted driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Yes. There are several special rules and regulations that apply specifically in cases involving semitrucks. For instance, claims must usually be filed within a shorter time frame than those involving other motor vehicles, since all states impose deadlines on commercial motor vehicle accidents, called statutes of limitation. A qualified attorney should have specific expertise in laws related to semi truck accidents and can provide advice on how best to proceed with your claim.

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